ubisoft is developing blockchain and nft games

Ubisoft Is Developing Blockchain And NFT Games

Before discovering the platform that makes them work Blockchain people learn about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: Blockchain. In the gaming industry, blockchain technology has been adopted specifically, and it’s not only in the betting industry, but it’s almost everywhere. It has enabled more play-to-earn, allowing more gamers to earn and own content, and we believe it will significantly impact the industry. Caizcoin has brought this article to you to portray how Blockchain works in online sports betting and the benefits it brings.

The real-world impact of blockchain technology is just getting started. In the early years (2008), the idea was to completely revolutionize how we think about money and assets by introducing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

However, the development of smart contracts and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in recent years has given Blockchain a larger reach, allowing it to be used in various sectors, including video games. Analysts anticipate that the video game metaverse will be the next big thing for blockchain technology, and corporations such as Meta (previously known as Facebook) are actively looking into the possibilities. Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest game development firms, has revealed that it, too, plans to include blockchain technology in future game releases.

Importance of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The ability for organizations to create and sell digital collectibles direct to their fans offers a new way for fans to tangibly reflect on their event experience. What makes digital collectibles better than classic collectibles?

  • Authenticity may be verified, including the chain of ownership
  • Trading can engage owners and reach new consumers
  • The uniqueness and a small number of digital assets
  • Right relates to affinity, dedication, and expertise

Playing Wisely

 Cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin are the future of the sports betting business. Cash flow is one of the most pressing concerns for bookies and gamers. For many procedures, including payments, a central authority is no longer necessary. When sports investing platforms incorporate intelligent contracts, this is referred to as intelligent investment. This will result in cheaper expenses, greater transparency, and faster resolution of any difficulties.

Carbon Footprint Method

NFTs and blockchain technology are causing significant disruption in the gaming sector. Although some platforms, such as Epic Games, appear to be more open to NFT implementation, others, such as Valve, have previously prohibited NFTs and Blockchain on Steam.

But because of cryptocurrency’s environmental impact, it’s a contentious technique. Cryptocurrencies are also responsible for millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions because of the energy consumption associated with mining, in addition to NFTs. Because transactions are shared over a network rather than being centralized, the act of ‚crypto mining‘ consumes more energy because it necessitates a high volume of high-powered computers. To put that in context, the Nyan Cat NFT had a carbon footprint equivalent to two months‘ worth of power consumption.

Digitally Worthy

As gaming is centralized, everything from skins to cash is kept within the game itself. You do not own the game or any of its components; however, you possess a copy. On the other hand, Blockchain divides games into chunks, allowing players to buy and own certain pieces. It gives the digital a monetary worth, making it ‚physical.‘ Although Ubisoft never mentioned the word ‚NFT‘ in their introduction, this is normally done using NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Gaming Alliance with Ubisoft

During Ubisoft’s Q2 earnings call last week, the publisher stated its aim to build „play-to-earn“ NFT and blockchain titles.

The topic of blockchain gaming came up multiple times during the conference call and in the earnings report (thanks, IGN). The French publisher is one of the key backers of Animoca Brands, a crypto gaming company that just received a $65 million jackpot. On the other hand, Ubisoft has been experimenting with blockchain technology since 2018 through its Strategic Innovation Lab and is a founding member of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance. During Ubisoft’s Q2 earnings call last week, the publisher stated its aim to build „play-to-earn“ NFT and blockchain titles.

Steam quitting the crypto-related sports

Crypto gaming has recently become a heated topic. Last month, Steam outright banned all games that used NFTs or bitcoin from its marketplace. While Epic CEO Tim Sweeney had previously stated similar sentiments, he opted to respond to Steam’s news by stating that NFTs were, in fact, permitted on the Epic Games Store. It’s still too early to say if Ubisoft would include NFTs into the incentives structure of its open-world behemoths or create totally new blockchain games.


Traditional bookmakers must adhere to a slew of rules in their daily operations. This involves requiring each user to provide a variety of papers to create and authenticate their accounts. These problems can be readily handled because of the anonymity offered by blockchain technology. Users will no longer be required to give personal information each time they conduct business.

Freedom of Access

All across the world, gambling fans may effortlessly swap digital money. The days of waiting many days for a win will come to an end. Cryptocurrency transactions are the way of the future for sportsbook betting. Sportsbooks would even be allowed to create their own tokens as money on various platforms.

Bottom Line

Despite all this, Ubisoft feels that blockchains are extremely appealing in the long run and a major revolution in the business. With that stated, it is now clear how it wants to incorporate Blockchain into its future games.

In addition, Ubisoft aspires to be a key participant in the rapidly growing blockchain-based gaming sector. As Ubisoft investigates the metaverse’s repercussions, we may see more Mixed Reality games in the future. Epic Games is reportedly exploring similar plans, even though Valve’s Steam platform is absolutely opposed to blockchain-based games.

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