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Best Trading Courses 2021

Trading courses are a great tool for those looking to start a career in the financial world or those that would like to expand their knowledge on investing. These courses are a way to learn how to trade in the stock market.

 But the best day trading courses teach the fundamentals of trading stocks, including how to use market indicators to make money. They also give a detailed analysis of charts and other information about stocks. A course can be an in-person or an online education program. 

Furthermore, a good trading course will teach you the basics of day trading, as well as advanced day trading techniques. These courses will also provide you with the best tools and resources needed to start your journey as a successful day trader and investor. However, the best trading courses of 2021 are set out below:


#1 – Trade Like a Pro with John W. Henry’s Day Trading Course

John W. Henry is one of the most successful traders in the world and he is now sharing his secrets to day trading success with everyone. This course will teach you how to make money in any market, regardless of whether it’s trending up, down, or sideways. The strategies shared will help you:

  • Find your daily pivot point
  •  Know what to do when it goes below your pivot point and when it goes above your pivot point
  • Trade on key levels called Fibonacci
  • Trade on volatility and when it spikes in the market

John W. Henry’s Day Trading Course is an online trading course that provides in-depth training for traders in need of more knowledge. Furthermore, this course consists of 8 modules with each module focusing on one trading strategy in the market.

His course also includes a home study guide, videos, and pdf files. Other than that he will help traders understand the different type of markets available to trade, how to analyze charts, and how to execute trades with success.

Module 1 – 

Introduction: Introduces the trader to the day trading world and explains how easy it can be to make money when done correctly.

Module 2 –

 The Charting System: Explains that many traders use charts instead of prices because it simplifies all aspects of market analysis

Module 3 – 

Technical Analysis: „Identifying Patterns and Setting Targets“. This module helps new traders and investors to identify investing patterns to set targets in the market.

Module 4 –

 Data Analysis: „Charting and Trade Management“. In this module he teaches data analysis and the skill of managing trade investment to his students. 

Module 5 –

 Market News: „Catching the Impulse To Act“. In module 5 of his course, John has mentioned all the tips and tricks of acting when and how in trade investment.

Module 6 –

 Trade Management & Risk Control: This module is all about risk control and trade management and it is specially designed for beginners.

Module 7 –

 Entry and Exit Triggers: This module of his course teaches about the triggers or points you should invest/enter or exit from the investment.

Module 8 –

Cross-Sector Trading: This last module is a summary as well as a training for young traders to learn about trading in different sectors.

 In these 8 modules, John will teach you all the things you need to know about day trading which is also applicable to other financial markets. He will show you how to capitalize on opportunities in day trading, how to manage the risk of day trading, how to use fundamental analysis on stocks, etc.


#2 – Learn to Trade with Larry Connors‘ Online Course

Larry Connors, a trader, and investor with over 25 years of experience in the markets has launched his new online trading education series for traders and investors. The series will provide the latest research on trading and investing techniques that Larry uses to beat the market.

 He is also the author of the Trader’s Business Daily column „The Trader’s Coach“. His mission is to teach people how to trade successfully by giving them access to his extensive knowledge of trading.

 In addition to that, Larry Connors teaches traders how to trade in his online trader education series called „Connors‘ Online Financial Markets Trader Education Series for Traders and Investors“.

The course introduces concepts such as risk management, trade management, trade setups, and pairing trades together with other strategies to generate greater trading results. Participants will also get access to live trading room sessions where they can ask questions about specific topics that arise while trading live.

Some of the courses are accessible free of charge for seven days while others require a monthly subscription fee before they are available for purchase or streaming. All courses are designed based on Larry’s proven methods through his decades-long career in the industry.

Larry Connors was himself a professional trader before he started his company. So he knows exactly what kind of information is required by novice traders and investors alike. He has helped many people throughout his career with their investments and this is just one more way he can help people turn their financial dreams into reality.


#3 – Investing in Real Estate with Scott Burnap’s Course for Beginners

Scott Burnap, an expert in real estate investment trusts and REITs, has created a course called „REITs 101: Investing in Real Estate“ and it promises to teach beginners and experts alike about these types of investments.

The course is divided into two parts: the basics and the advanced section. The first part will give you a general understanding of what these investments are and how they work. The second part will teach you how to effectively take advantage of them by getting started with day trading or becoming an investor.

A REIT is a company that owns, manages, or finances income-producing real estate.

And this course will teach you the fundamentals of investing in real estate with REITS and how to make an investment plan.

Scott Burnap introduces REITs and how they work for beginners. He then goes on to provide the pros and cons of investing in this type of security as well as some examples of ETFs (exchange-traded funds) that offer exposure to the sector.

This course is perfectly designed for anyone interested in learning more about investing in real estate through REITs or ETFs.

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