Day trading vs long-term cryptocurrency hodling: benefits and drawbacks

People who think that cryptocurrencies are the way that money will be used in the future have been around for a long time. Additionally, some believe cryptocurrencies are a passing trend that will soon disappear.

Today’s bitcoin market attracts a wide variety of investors. While some people trade every day, others invest for the long term. Others choose to invest in mining machinery to earn a small amount of cash by mining coins on their own. The question is: which type of investor is most likely to see profits over time?

The main difference between day trading and long-term cryptocurrency hodling is that day traders buy and sell cryptocurrencies intending to make a profit in a short time.  Long-term investors, on the other hand, purchase and retain their investments for longer in the hopes of generating profits. Both day trading and long-term investing are viable options since the two tactics are not mutually exclusive.

Typically, day traders complete all their deals within a single day, taking positions before markets open and closing them before markets close. In contrast, long-term investors may decide whether or not to sell at a profit after holding their shares for weeks or months.

Risk management is another difference between day trading and long-term investing. If day traders don’t think a trade will ultimately be lucrative in the short term, they must stop loss to manage risk. Long-term investors have less stringent risk management guidelines to accept losses in exchange for greater long-term returns if they are confident in their investment thesis.


The Secret To Making Money Through Cryptocurrency Trading:


Day traders prepare to trade cryptocurrencies for hours or even days at a time, experimenting with different approaches to profit from swift price changes. For instance, purchasing Bitcoin for $20,500 and selling it at $23,500 will result in a profit of $3,000 per coin. It is possible to get a sizable income from day trading alone if you repeat this process frequently throughout the day (or even often throughout the hour).

Instead of trying to time the market-by-day trading, long-term investors are more concerned with how much money they will accumulate over time. They purchase cryptocurrencies to maintain them until their value has increased significantly since they were first purchased.

Long-term investment entails making purchases that will go for a very long time without being actively traded. Only if you have the patience to wait several years before selling your coins at a profit should you make this (or lose).


Why It’s Harder To Day Trade Cryptocurrency:


The concept of day trading appeals to a lot of individuals. Many people want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies by the promise of earning money with little risk and witnessing their portfolio increase in just a few hours.

However, some risks are associated with day trading, just like any investment approach. The potential of such dangers will be in this article, along with some mitigation strategies.


Risks Of Day Trading Cryptocurrencies:


The first thing to remember is that not everyone is fit for day trading. Because they lack the patience and discipline needed for the work, many people who attempt it fail. Avoid day trading entirely since it could very quickly result in disaster if you have an addicted nature or find it challenging to resist dangerous activity.

However, if you want to give it a shot, there are a few things you should be aware of before beginning:


1.   To Monitor The Markets 24/7:

The bitcoin market never sleeps, as we have stated. If you want to make money from them, you will need to be ready to work long stretches without rest because they are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. It would probably be best for you to avoid day trading altogether if you don’t think you can handle this.


2.    A Solid Understanding Of Cryptocurrency:

There is no getting past the fact that you must first invest some time in studying how cryptocurrencies operate if you want to profit from them. It would help if you fully understood what drives cryptocurrencies, not simply a superficial awareness of how they work. If you don’t, you won’t be able to predict when anything might occur that lowers the value of your portfolio.


3.    It Takes Time To Gain Experience:

Day traders typically start with small reinvesting profits to raise their cash reserves and trading volume. If you’re ready for that, start now. It may take several months of arduous effort before they begin to make a sizable quantity of money.


4.   Take A Loss And Learn From It:

Day trading is hazardous; thus, you must be ready to lose money to succeed. There will always come a time when your investment goes south, and that’s when it’s time for you to cut your losses and move on to something else. If you can’t stomach losing money, this is not the best approach for you to make money.


Drawbacks Of Long-Term Bitcoin Hodling:


For years, the cryptocurrency community has discussed the idea of hodling, or holding onto a coin. Hodling encourages holding onto your cash for as long as possible to optimize your return if you believe in a project and its goal.

While this might be the case in some instances, it’s crucial to realize that long-term bitcoin hodling carries several hazards. Several of those dangers are  below:


1, Volatility Risk:

Volatility risk is one of the main dangers of holding cryptocurrencies for a long time. The value of your investment may impact the large fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies over brief periods. The implication is that even if you strongly believe in a project, there is no assurance that it will be profitable in the long run because there may not yet be sufficient liquidity.


2.   Scalability Risk:

If developers don’t adequately address scalability, it could have a negative long-term impact on the success of cryptocurrencies. Scaling to handle more transactions per second without sacrificing security or decentralization, boosting transaction speed and throughput. If scaling problems are not sufficiently resolved, it may be challenging for the currency to gain widespread acceptance. This is because individuals won’t be able to utilize a coin in their daily lives if it cannot execute transactions quickly enough, which could harm its long-term viability.


3.   Regulations/ Bans/ Restrictions:

Governments may consider some cryptocurrencies illegal or impose restrictions on their use, such as taxes on transactions or registering users before using them for transactions (like Facebook). When ICOs and exchanges were previously prohibited in China, many Chinese investors instantly sold off their coins upon learning of the news, which led to a dramatic decline in values across the board.


4.   Market manipulation:

Another risk is that someone could manipulate the market and prevent you from getting your money at the price you want.  The famous „pump and dump“ scam is the most well-known example of market manipulation. This is used to describe a group of individuals that artificially inflate the price of a particular coin through the hype, false marketing, and other techniques, increasing its worth by hundreds or even thousands of percent.


The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Tip:


Day trading is a dangerous activity that needs regular monitoring. You must monitor market changes and prepare to enter at any time. To join and exit the market at the appropriate times, you must be aware of the changes in the price of the currency you have chosen.

Long-term investing needs patience and discipline but is less dangerous than day trading. Although the idea is to purchase low and sell high, you will have to wait for weeks, months, or even years to see any returns.

Before beginning day trading, I advise beginners to start with long-term investment because it will help them better grasp how the market operates. Additionally, you will discover many charts and graphs that traders use, which can be helpful if you decide to try day trading in the future. Try out one of the many online, free simulation games if you’re unsure whether to jump in and start trading cryptocurrencies. Without putting any money in danger, they will assist you in better understanding what it takes to be a great trader.


In Conclusion:


Although the volatile, decentralized world of cryptocurrencies can be challenging for a novice to understand, you can be sure that many long-term hodlers are eager to support you on your path. You can choose to become a day trader or a long-term investor, though most financial experts advise combining the two. There are many options to investigate in the crypto realm, and only time will tell what the future holds for this developing sector.

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