Blockchain Life 2021 | Everything about Blockchain & Caizcoin 

Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and traders are excited and looking forward to Blockchain Life 2021, which will see the upcoming biggest Blockchain forum happening in Europe & Russia to identify problems, trends, and more. 

However, by 2021, most of us have observed and become educated on the rise in the popularity of the Blockchain system revolutionizing and securing data and cryptocurrency. In addition to this, you might also have seen the hype about Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and now NFTs. It might have made you learn more about how trading or mining cryptocurrency can help anyone earn millions of dollars. 

Although if you have less of a clue, or no idea about all this, then you were perhaps living under a rock – but don’t worry…we’re here to fill you in!

Firstly, we will cover every topic in the history of blockchain. Moreover, we will discuss what you can learn from blockchain life events and how Caizcoin is the next big cryptocurrency.

What’s trending in the global market of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency? What is Blockchain Life 2021 & How is Caizcoin going to be a game-changer?

What is the Blockchain System? | How it actually Works!

The Blockchain System is a database that stores information in a block manner chained together. 

This technology was introduced originally in 1991 by some researchers. It was invented with the mission to timestamp digital documents enhancing security and making tampering attempts such as backdating completely impossible. 


Blockchain Life | Europe’s Biggest Event about Blockchain 

Blockchain Life 2021 brings Blockchain Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Start-Ups, Crypto Miners, and Blockchain Developers all together under one roof.

Above all, since its first launch in 2018, Blockchain Life has proved to set milestones in the cryptocurrency market. The event gives infinite opportunities to attendees by exposing them to Start-Up pitches, networking opportunities with Professionals, and hearing from speakers who are renowned Blockchain and Crypto experts talk about ‚What’s Next‘.

What will happen next at Blockchain Life 2021? 

There are a lot more happenings than you anticipated this October 2021, including Blockchain Lifetime awards, recognition, international networking, speaking sessions from CEOs, leading crypto experts and founders, and much more.

What topics can we expect to hear about at Blockchain Life 2021?


You will learn about the latest international case study of blockchain tech in business, tax-related queries, types of blockchain, How to do tokenization of real estate, and how to tokenize large companies, as well as the relationship between blockchain and banking, the vulnerabilities of blockchain, and the 2021-2022 prospects of blockchain tech. 


Your will find the answer to your questions about crypto such as: 

  • Can we identify Bitcoin as the future digital gold?
  • What about DeFi Hype? Is it the next big thing?
  • Get to know about trading, expert advice, and tools for cryptocurrency trading.
  • Cryptocurrency legislation in Russia. 
  • Analysis of Popular Altcoins.
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet and its safety in 2021.
  • The future of Stable coins. 


  • Factors and Parameters of profitable marketing.
  • 2021 to 2022 Introducing a new era of Mining. 
  • What to buy and what not to buy?
  • Best countries for setting up your mining equipment. 
  • The future of mining.


  • Stories of successful cryptocurrency start-ups
  • Case analysis of DeFi 
  • Where is the Crypto Market heading next?
  • Legal Aspects of Crowdfunding.
  • How to get maximum value out of your token by placing it on exchange?
  • Project marketing and what is influencing funding in 2021?

What Blockchain Life 2021 has to Offer its Global Attendees?

  • Meet CEOs from the International Crypto Industry 
  • Crypto Investment Strategies from Business Owners 
  • List & Manage the Token Value of your Start-up
  • Invest in start-ups with high ROI potential 
  • Ask about earning from Crypto Mining and also explore Contemporary Solutions from Expert Blockchain Devs

Caizcoin | The shining star of Blockchain Life 2021

Muslim crypto investors globally have always been sceptical as at this point in time, many aspects coincide with religious concepts of halal earning. However, understanding these hurdles, Caizcoin is, the first-ever Islamic cryptocurrency that satisfies all aspects of financial laws in Islam. 

Caizcoin is operated via Caizchain, the world’s first-ever Islamic blockchain designed for Muslims involved in, or interested in the cryptocurrency market. 

Join the revolutionary journey of Crypto with Caizcoin Blockchain life 2021

London Event in September 2021 

With its first step in the biggest crypto forum, Caizcoin was the shining star in the spotlight for its value, mission, and vision. Crypto Experts exhibited great appreciation for how the Muslim community worldwide didn’t let any hurdle get in their way. 

Tashkent & Moscow events in October

Mark the dates on your google calendars for Blockchain Life event 2021, this 21st October at the Hyatt Regency Tashkent, and 27th-28th October for Music Media Dome’s event. 


Caizcoin at Blockchain Life 2021 will be presenting a practical approach towards DeFi in the active ambiance of Crypto. Caiz Holding AG will discuss creating sustainable financial sources by targeted investments. Above all, Caizcoin will be setting an example and changing the global perspective by bringing halal crypto-trading into existence. 

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